Your place to Recharge, Connect and Grow as a Leader.

Become a resilient leader
Learn to lead yourself and others. Inspired by nature. Join our upcoming 4 day exclusive leadership program in the Ardennes.
The challenge

It’s a challenge to be all you can be in today’s uncertain world.

It takes a strong inner compass to do it all: shape the future, manage daily business, support your people, be a caring partner, a good friend, stay fit…

When the future is uncertain, making decisions aligned with your core values and having the ability to recover from challenges quickly is key. They are vital ingredients for your wellbeing and lead to sustainable business performance.

Grow as a Leader

Learn to lead yourself and others. Inspired by nature. Are you ready to dig deeper to reach further?

Join our upcoming 4 day exclusive leadership program in the Ardennes

Becoming a Resilient Leader

We believe that today’s world needs more resilient leaders. We live in unprecedented times and we need leaders who dare to lead with authenticity and courage. Leaders who are a true catalyst for the performance and wellbeing of their people. Based on our extensive experience working with C-level leadership at Google, Accenture, BCG and we are able to help you stand firm and make a positive impact; on your own life and the lives of those in your organization.
Invest in yourself and disconnect from the distractions and stressors of daily life. Take yourself to a place of tranquility and generate new perspectives.
Invest in yourself

Allow yourself to Recharge, Connect and Grow

In the Ardennes countryside, we help you to reconnect with yourself by spending time in nature. Without distraction and with genuine attention, nature brings us closer to ourselves. Living in the moment allows us to make decisions with more clarity, we experience a stronger sense of direction and develop a deeper connection with others. These are crucial leadership skills in today’s world.

What can you expect?
  • Increase your level of self awareness and ability to critically self reflect
  • Enhance your ability to lead by strengthening your resilience
  • Learn how to translate these lessons and experiences into your leadership style
  • Small group size (max 12) with highly experienced and certified facilitators
  • Private boutique hotel with nourishing healthy meals
  • Guided hikes in beautiful nature
  • Breathwork and meditation to enhance your wellbeing

What is the return on investment for my organization?

Of the major challenges organizations face, many are directly linked to the lack of resilient leadership. Hence the saying “employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers”. Our programme helps you to support strategic business objectives such as:

  • Talent attraction and retention
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Successful change management

Is this program relevant for me?

Whilst we believe anyone can benefit from participating in this leadership retreat, our program is specifically designed for:

  • Mid career professionals in leadership positions
  • Early career professionals who are preparing to take on enhanced leadership responsibilities
  • Key decision makers and managers who frequently make strategic decisions under high levels of uncertainty
  • Senior individual contributors operating in high visibility roles
Bright, energizing and truly transformative
Marc Jansen
Head People Development @ Rabobank
“Every company aiming for long-term growth has to look seriously at employee resilience. Rubber Duck Training are real experts in this field
Danielle Mackowski
Director Employee Success @

What makes this program unique?

Resilient Minds are built in nature. A natural environment serves as a powerful metaphor for leadership challenges and opportunities. Nature gives us new inspiration, energy and strength to tackle your challenges and set new intentions for actions. During our program we put both our mind and body to work, allowing you to activate both parts of your brain. This contributes to gaining deeper, more valuable insights and emotions.

Your place to Recharge, Connect and Grow as a Leader.

Brands we worked with

Organizations that have already gone through our proven leadership resilience formula:

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