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Meet Jacco

Jacco is a graduate of the London School of Economics. He has worked in Amsterdam, Dublin and Tel Aviv for major organizations including Google and Booking.com.

During these years, he gained valuable experience working with teams on their dynamics and challenges.

“The modern work environment is characterized by constant change, increasing complexity and information overload. We as humans are not evolved to thrive in such a reality; hence we witness distraction, stress, burn-out, disengagement and a tremendous loss of human potential. My goal is to teach the skills and competencies that will build employee resilience needed to thrive in today's demanding world."

Founder & Facilitator
Founder & Facilitator

Meet Marije

Marije is a self-aware, down to earth optimist who believes in the power of resilience.

'I believe that when you have developed your mental, emotional, social and physical resilience, you are able to overcome life's challenges with greater ease and bounce back stronger’.

After her MBA, she gained more than 15 years of international business experience and worked for leading organizations such as Microsoft and Booking.com in a variety of Commercial and HR leadership roles. In recent years, she has specialized in Health & Wellbeing. As a 8x Marathoner, Running Therapist and Vitality coach it is her mission to inspire and enable others to live healthier lives.

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